Flattering Looks For The Plus Size Divas


Its a reality that we were all created with different body shapes, sizes and all, while some people find it easy to play dress up, there are so many other women with delicious bodies that don’t know it, so they hide behind baggy and manly clothing to cover up “their shame” which is no shame at all.

If you are a plus size woman out there you should know that your style is not as limited as you think. Just like every other shape in the books dressing up requires you to emphasize the assets you love and de-emphasize the one’s you are not comfortable with. And if you are comfortable with all your assets then go ahead, pronounce them confidently.

The most important thing to note here when dressing up is your body shape. Each and everyone of us, plus size or not have different body shape this means we have to figure out the shape we have to be apple to dress properly. Once you know what body shape you are, you are one step to getting your balanced look.

Here are some plus size styles you can be inspired by:


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