All You Need To Know About Billionaire Sholaye Jeremi And Linda Ikeji

sholaye jeremi

Sholaye Jeremi is the father of Linda Ikeji’s  child Jason, he is a  business mogul and coded Lagos big boy, . It is rumored that these two have been longtime lovers, since 2016. While Linda preached celibacy to naive young girls, she was ‘getting her engine oiled’.

Furthermore our grapevine say that his “money senior Linda own”, as he is a discreet player in the petroleum industry and has been identified as the man behind the oil deals of the Minister of State for Petroleum Resources, Ibe Kachikwu. Hence she may have benefitted from his largess, generosity and connections, in her quest to build her impressive empire.

Sholaye Jeremi…On The Trail Of A 39 Year Old Billionaire Oil Magnate

Nigeria is blessed with top businessmen who have risen from crass poverty to sheer prosperity; those who have parlayed influence into affluence and those who fell off a cliff and built a plane on their way down. They are energetic and enthusiastic, uncompromising, yet realistic; impossibility has no space in their lexicons. With just tenacity of purpose and a terrier devotion to their dreams, they bestride, successfully, the gap between creativity and commerce.

Yes, Sholaye Jeremi, the 39 year old billionaire oil mogul is one of the top businessmen in oil and gas sector. There is no disputing the pluck and enviable prescience of Sholaye. As far as business ideas and innovations are concerned, the dark and handsome gangling dude turns nothing down, except the collar of his shirt. Simply put, Sholaye has a reputation for good judgment, fair dealing, exactness, and rectitude – which jointly constitute the essence of his good fortune.

From oil and gas to shipping, telecommunications and merchandising, fashion and real estate, his protean productivity and impeccable business acumen, spotting goldmine where many see landmines, have set him apart from the crowd. Sholaye embodies so much of what makes perfection an onerous yet enviable trait. He is a very savvy entrepreneur and imaginative visionary. But none of that influences his personal estimation of his competence and self-worth; despite his competency and acclaim, he affects a humble poise.

He brings clarity of purpose to his work; he is a good listener who comes to the table not with some preset notion of distrust but an open mind; he asks all the tough questions and tries to find the solutions. His process is simple: Jeremi, who has paid his dues in the business world, has built a career on combining daring, dexterous and largely inspirational initiatives with diligent application that incorporates everything from snatches of dependable formulae to the most improbable exploits.

Unlike most of his contemporaries, Sholaye views success not only in financial terms but artistic terms, and his enterprise style — particularly his current business and leadership style in the oil sector — are as formidable in pushing and challenging the bounds of entrepreneurship as they are in garnering successful results.

Sholaye is no overnight sensation. In fact, he achieved success the old-fashioned way: he earned it. He worked hard and stayed humble. He lives the right way; he plays the right way.

But however you choose to see him, the story of he remains the stuff gallant dreams are made of. Unlike many of his peers, his rise to eminence was as much a product of unrelenting will and his astounding ability to pirouette himself from obscurity to entrepreneurial acclaim by the jockstraps.

Frankly, it would not be a heresy to say that Mr. Jeremi is not a run-of-the-mill successful Entrepreneur fixated on lining their pockets and thriving on cronyism. He thrives rather on giving back to the society more than he has ever made from it without any recourse to tokenism.

However, nothing better personifies a determination to win than this dark-hued man with a knack for prodigious challenges driven by a heart of raw steel.Jeremi also stays in Ikoyi. Very credible, although Linda is trying to manage the situation but this information is 100 percent credible. 

Although his wealth is the kind that must stay hidden and away from the limelight because an investigation into its source, may unearth unsavory secrets – not just his, but those that are his close consorts. To survive, it is imperative that Sholaye Jeremi stay out of the public eye. Therefore this revelation as the father of Linda’s child does him no good. It is expected that powerful associates of his, will begin to distance themselves from him, as they do not need his publicity. Clearly living a life of secrecy is a reason for Sholaye Jeremi’s financial survival.

Our source also allege that Sholaye Jeremi is in his 40s and he has a family sequestered in Mayfair London. If he is yet married to his wife and mother of his children, it unclear. He left London and came to Lagos Nigeria where he has made it big. He lives in Banana Island Ikoyi, so it has been easy for he and Linda Ikeji to carry on their secret love affair for such a long time, away from the public eye.

Our source also allege that Linda in the years she had been with the warri born business man, tried to manipulate her way into matrimony with Sholaye Jeremi. The latest being, getting pregnant for him.

A close source in the know said that when she told Sholaye of her pregnancy, clearly letting him know she would not be getting an abortion, he agreed but asked her to keep it low key. An agreement she has clearly reneged on, because she thrust herself in the limelight, in her bid to get public validation. Her systematic quest for validation began with her secret engagement and next the revelation of her pregnant state, complete with a baby bump as proof. With her words, “I want it all”.

About Linda’s alleged engagement to her supposed mystery suitor; i.e Sholaye Jeremi, that never happened. Even her (Linda Ikeji) father had intervened in the matter, to get Jeremi to marry her,in a bid to save her the shame of being like the other baby mamas she has crucified on her blog, all to no avail.

Thus this is her last desperate attempt to emotionally blackmail him by drawing publicity to a fake engagement and then her very real pregnancy, to get him to do the right thing.

Millionaire blogger, Linda Ikeji has finally admitted that Sholaye Jeremi is the father of her son, Jayce Jeremi, who she welcomed few days ago in the U.S.

Here are a few things we know about him.

* Sholaye Jeremi is from Itsekiri, Delta state
* He is reportedly an oil magnate
* Sholaye Jeremi is a close associate to Minister of State for Petroleum, Ibe Kachikwu.
* Jeremi used to live in Lekki before he moved to Ikoyi, where Linda has her mansion.
* He is close pals with billionaire Femi Otedola.
* He is over 40 years
* His birthday is July 8th
* Linda’s son is not Jeremi’s first child, he has a son who is outside the country

Our source further allege that a reason Sholaye Jeremi is not keen on marrying Linda Ikeji, is the fact her rather public life is unattractive to him,especially in his line of business, plus he is still a man about town, with several girlfriends in tow and he is not ready to be tied down.

Jeremi is forever with a new girl each day of the week, consequently a marriage to a very public figure  is tantamount to enslavement for this philanderer with a wandering eye.

In her desperation, our source alleges that the paternity of her child was leaked by none other than Linda. If she could keep her pregnancy well into its second trimester a secret, she very well would have kept the paternity of her child a secret too. Accordingly the leak came from the blogger, in a calculated risk to get him to bend to her will.

She expects that the massive publicity will strong arm him into claiming her in public. Linda has unwittingly struck a match in a room full of gas, only time will tell if she can handle the subsequent explosion.



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